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Archived Exhibitions 1990 - 2001

Book of gloves
Book of gloves (2001)

Ten degrees of separation
Ten degrees of separation (2000)

Voëlhuis (1999)

Ten trees growing nowhere
Ten trees growing nowhere (1999)

Geweertjies in die Voorhuis
Geweeertjies in die voorhuis (1998)

Postscript (1998)

The Home That You Built
The home that you built (1997)

Boxing days
Boxing days (1997)

Rhodes Memorial
Rhodes Memorial (1996)

The Washing Line
The Washing Line (1996)

Krotoa's Room
Krotoa's Room (1995)

Portrette (1995)

Africana Collectanea
Africana Collectanea (1994)

Memorabilia (1992)

Rites of Faith
Rites of Faith (1990)