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Archived articles and reviews on the work of Lien Botha.
Cryptic juxtapositions of poetry
Jane Mayne , Business Day , June 2007
'Want & Desire' at Joáo Ferreira Gallery
Chantal Louw, ArtThrob, Issue No. 111, November 2006
Lien Botha at Erdmann Contemporary
Andrew Lamprecht, ArtThrob, Issue No. 111, November 2006
A visual poem
Chris Roper, Mail & Guardian, October 27, 2006
The Big Picture
Sean O'Toole, Sunday Times, October 2006
Report-back from Pujols
Lien Botha, October 2005
Interview with Lien Botha
Joanna Dufour, May 2005
Interview with Lien Botha
Sean O'Toole, POST: Contemporary South African Photography (catalogue), June 13, 2004
Maak se aard beklemtoon
Lisbe Smuts, Die Burger, May 4, 2004
Onderhoud met Cobus van Bosch
Cobus van Bosch, KKNK Sasol Katalogus, Maart, 2004
Botha's boxed views delight in the ordinary
Melvyn Minnaar, Cape Times, October 8, 2002
Botha se 'musiek van stilte' in fokus
Cobus van Bosch, Die Burger, October 7, 2002
Lien Botha - 'Radio Maria' at the Castle of Good Hope
Nikki Winward Cross, ArtThrob, Volume 56 April 2002
Exploring Botha's Boxes
Daya Coetzee, CUE, July 7, 1997
Portrait of the Young Artist
Jeff Chandler, Sunday Tribune, December 21, 1997
Krotoa rearranges the Castle furniture
James Garner, Mail & Guardian, November 17 - 23, 1995
Subtle Insights keep one looking: Photo works by Women
Benita Munitz, Cape Times, September 13, 1994